BestPet Cat Tree Condo Furniture Pet House Review

BestPet Cat Tree Condo Furniture Pet House Review

Most cat owners are always looking for a beneficial addition to their home to keep their pets entertained. Interestingly, like human babies, cats and kitten love toys. In fact, they really love relaxing on the tallest possible spot in the room and this is one reason you find your kitty resting on your bookshelf or refrigerator.

A cat tree isn’t just a fun purchase. If your cats love sitting on the furniture or refrigerator, you will be excited to see how much they love being on the tallest platform. What’s interesting to note here is that cats tend to prefer vertical or elevated areas for exercise, entertainment, playing and even safety.

BestPet 2014 Cat Tree Condo Furniture Scratch Post Pet House, Blue With Cat

If you want to provide more fun activities for your felines, you can think about adding a cat tree to your home environment. Interestingly cats want to have their personal space, a place where they can be left alone. Cat condos are becoming increasingly popular these days as they provide the much needed safety and physical exercise for your furry balls.

Two or more cats wouldn’t normally share a room peacefully, but things would be in control if you had something like The 2014 BestPet Cat Tree Condo. In addition to being a great place to play, this tree house has supporting posts covered with sisal, which serve as scratching posts. What else makes BestPet Condo Pet House a valuable investment? Continue reading to find out more.


Let's look at some of the features of BestPet Cat Tree Condo.

Large dimensions

Cat tree condos are designed to combine playtime and exercise with fun. Having a pet house with large dimensions gives your cats a chance to jump, climb and play to their heart’s content. Because this condo is large, your cats won’t be damaging or scratching your furniture.

If you would like your cat to play and enjoy the outdoors, all you have to do is set the unit outside your home. Measuring 19.69 x 19.69 x 78.74 in, this condo allows your cats to enjoy fresh air while remaining safe.

Prevent Destruction To Your Furniture

As a cat owner, you know that your favorite furry balls love to scratch everything and sometimes, you end with potential damage to your furniture. This cat tree is covered with sisal rope, which means your felines can instinctively scratch them without causing any destruction.

Remember that cat trees can save your sofa, chair and other furniture thanks to the scratching posts. Because your cats can scratch on the sisal rope for as long as they like, they will no longer be interested in jumping around and destroying your furniture and bed linen.

BestPet 2014 Cat Tree Condo Furniture Scratch Post Pet House, Side View


Adult cats and even kittens are active pets and they would want to run, climb and jump whenever they get a chance. Giving your furry ball a cat tree to play and rest is definitely safer and secure than allowing them to run around in the backyard.

Easy Assembly And Maintenance

You don’t require any special help to set up the product. If you want, you can experiment a little bit and assemble the product differently to give your kittens and cats more space to play around.

What Others Say

Cat owners say that the product is durable and strong. Thanks to its large dimensions and sturdy construction, it can handle the excitement, force and energy of big cats as well. Of course adult cats are quite aggressive especially if other cats or kittens join in the fun. However, giving them a cat tree with plenty of space will definitely make them happy.

Overall this cat tree is a good purchase considering its price. What really matters to most cat owners is the height of the condo and the comfort of the unit and both of these concerns are handled exceptionally well by this product.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of this cat condo is that it can be placed anywhere you like. If you want your cats to spend more time with you, you can place the unit in the same room you love staying. BestPet cat condo also limits your kitten’s escape potential as well. Your little furry friend can rest comfortably in the condo whenever she wants and the best thing is that she won’t feel threatened.

Some owners say that the product is a bit too small for large, fat cats. However, it’s fantastic for small cats and kittens. The product is affordable and it gives your cat plenty of room to climb and run around.

Buying Advice

BestPet Cat Condo is certainly one piece of cat furniture that you won’t end up regretting. And you can get hands on this versatile product for the best price. That’s right. Equipped with all the needed pieces, you can order BestPet 80-inch condo from Amazon for less than $60. Not to forget, you can take advantage of free shipping offered by Amazon.

Because the tower is tall (80 inches), it is recommended that you measure the spot in your home where you want to place the BestPet Cat tree condo. The product itself weighs 35.2 pounds and total shipping weight is 39.8 pounds.

BestPet 2014 Cat Tree Condo Furniture Scratch Post Pet House,

Final Verdict

There’s no better way to show some love to your cats than giving them a large cat condo to play with. The good news is that cat trees give your pets their own secure place inside the home. In fact this condo is as safe and secure for your cats and kittens as a baby bassinet.

BestPet cat condo is made from high-quality wood and the unit is covered with sisal rope and faux fur. It has a number of features such as private space for resting and open areas where your cats can climb up and down. The bottom line is that just like us, cats also need their daily dose of physical exercise to stay strong and healthy. And this BestPet Cat Tree is a good place for your furry balls to play, run, rest, and just be happy all they want.

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