How To Select The Best Cat Trees For Your Feline Friend

How To Select The Best Cat Trees For Your Feline Friend

Cat trees provide your feline friends their own personal space to play, scratch, rest and perch. By now, you have probably learnt that cats are territorial animals who like having a place of their own. Investing in a cat tree will not only prevent them from scratching and shedding fur all over the house but it will also increase their happiness. Read this detailed guide on how to select the best cat tree.

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Top Cat Tree Features You Must Know About

You will find a variety of cat trees in the market that come in several shapes and sizes. To help you choose the best one for your adorable feline friend, here are a couple of important cat tree features you must consider:

  • Condo – These condos are designed to offer your feline friend a comfortable spot to rest and sleep in.
  • Scratching Post – This will probably be your cat’s favorite feature. Scratching posts are a must for felines and can be used for exercise too. Not to mention, providing your cat a scratching pole will prevent them from scratching the furniture instead.
  • Levels – Cats enjoy climbing and leaping on trees. Opt for a cat tree that has many levels so your pet remains entertained for several hours.
  • Toys – Your pet may easily get bored if the cat tree does not have toys they can play with. Hang toys on the cat tree to prevent your cat from getting bored.
  • Furniture Style – Wondering how your cat’s new piece of furniture will blend in with the rest of your décor? We have a simple solution for you: opt for furniture style cat trees. These fantastic cat trees will look great in your living room and will also keep your pet cat entertained for several hours.

Cat On Small Pink Cat Tree

Signs That Your Feline Friend Needs A Cat Condo

As mentioned above, a cat condo is a mini home that is especially designed for your feline friend. These tall, sturdy structures are designed to allow your cats to nap, play or simply spend some quality time. While some cat owners are quick to undermine the importance or the necessity of investing in appropriate cat furniture, it can be a great way to tame your pet and keep them from getting into trouble.

Not having a space of their own may lead to behavioral problems in some cats. If you are not sure about whether you should purchase a condo for your kitty, here are some signs that your pet needs space of their own:

Mischievous Activity

Cats are intelligent creatures and are prone to get bored easily if they don’t get sufficient mental stimulation. If your pet is constantly pulling out socks from the laundry bin or is constantly batting at your shoelaces, you may have a problem. This may be your cat’s way of utilizing all their repressed energy.

Some cat condos have toys attached to the walls and may even include hiding places and tunnels that will give your pet the opportunity to crawl, pounce and hide. Not to mention, it will give your cat the chance to get along with other house pets. Most of the time, these platforms can be set at an adjustable height for your cat’s convenience.

Territorial Activity

Cats that are too eager to mark their territory around the house may need a condo. If your feline friend claims your furniture as his own and constantly hisses at people when they are trying to sit on the couch, you ought to invest in a cat tree for them.

So, if your cat isn’t allowing you to sit on your favorite chair, you should buy them a condo of their own. Your cat will be delighted by the idea of having a place of his or her own in your house.

Climbing And Scratching

Cats, like other felines, have an innate desire to scratch and climb: it is in their blood so you can’t blame them. However, you obviously don’t want them to use your expensive furniture and bookshelves as a climbing pole. Not mention, your cat may use your fancy pillow to fulfill all their scratching needs.

Cat Scratching Cat Tree

So, while purchasing a condo, ensure it has a scratching pole. This way, you won’t have to invest in one separately. You will find various options online that will allow you cat to fulfil all their climbing needs

Perching, Hiding And Sleeping

If your cat is developing unusual resting and perching habits, maybe it is time you invest in a cat condo for them. If your kitty has started perching in the dark or can be found curled up on a high shelf, he will enjoy having a piece of furniture for himself. Most cat condos offer comfortable nooks and condos for sleeping and napping.

How Do I Choose A Suitable Cat Tree?

Choosing a cat tree for your fuzzy friend can be a challenge. Well, we will discuss this in detail. Here are a few pointers you should consider:

  • Sure, cats are active and playful by nature but they won’t be interested in a tower if it is not designed according to their climbing capabilities.
  • When it comes to cat trees, the taller the better. These adventurous felines love height and feel protected when they are high up from the rest of us.
  • ​Ensure the cat tower is sturdy enough to balance the weight of your pet. If the tree ever topples, there’s a possibility your cat will refuse to use it again.
  • ​Ensure components like platforms, ladders or perches are sturdy and spacious enough for your cat to climb up and down without falling or slipping. The ladder must be strong enough to hold the weight of your cat.
  • ​Keep in mind that cats like to dig their paws and scratch on surfaces. However, you can also opt for rounded platforms with cushions and beddings so your feline friend has a place to nap and laze around. Ensure the platform is secure or else he will remain uneasy.
  • Some cat trees have tunnels and tubes. Ensure the spaces are large enough to fit your cat. Keep in mind that most tunnels are not designed to accommodate super heavy pets.
  • If you are frequently on the move and are planning on shifting to a new apartment sometime soon, invest in a piece of furniture that can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Should I Get My Pet A Cat Condo?

Cat trees, also known as cat condos, are a great way to give your feline friend some privacy. The condo acts as your pet’s personal space, giving them a place to call their own inside your home. The condo is typically made from sturdy materials, such as wood, and offers a number of features.

Some condos may include a sleeping bed, a post for your cat to climb up and down and a scratching post. If you have never purchased cat furniture before, visit your local pet store in advance and discuss options that may be suitable for your feline friend.

Cat On Yellow Cat Tree

Ask a sales assistant to help you choose a suitable product since you obviously don’t want to invest in a piece of furniture that your cat won’t pay attention to. Cat condos are a great option for timid cats to stay out in the open while feeling secure. Most cats feel secure when resting at elevated locations because they know they won’t be attacked from behind.

Additionally, you can also consider purchasing second-hand cat furniture. Look for ads in your local newspaper to see whether anybody is selling used cat furniture. You will find cat condos in a variety of shapes and sizes so opt for one that is best suited to your feline friend.

When you are shopping, you will constantly come across terms such as cat gyms, cat furniture and cat trees. Here are a couple of reasons why you should invest in a cat condo:

Save Your Furniture

Can’t get your cat to keep off your expensive couch? Maybe your cat will lay off the expensive furniture once you get them a cat tree of their own. Most condos have their own scratching posts, which means your feline friend will no longer be interested in damaging your furniture or taking a nap on your favorite recliner.

Contrary to popular belief, cats do not scratch on items to trim their claws, rather to shed them instead. Investing in appropriate cat furniture can help your pet shed their claws so if you are buying a cat condo, ensure it has a scratching post. Most posts are made using sisal ropes, which is among their favorite things to scratch on.

Promotes Exercise

Are you worried that your pet cat isn’t getting as much exercise as they should? Like humans, cats also need their daily dose of exercise to stay in shape. For an indoor pet, such as a cat, a condo is a great way to encourage your pet to get more exercise. This will provide your fuzzy friend plenty of opportunities to climb up and down.

Ensure that you invest in a cat condo that is strong and durable. The condo must have enough strength to endure the force and energy of your cat. Also, investing in the sturdiest model in town is a good idea if you have other pets that might want to join in on the fun.

Give Your Cat Some Privacy

Most animals are territorial and enjoy having a place they can call their own. Cats are no different and are sensitive to scent. In fact, their paws have scent glands so when they scratch on a certain piece of territory, it is marked as their own. Offering them a place of their own will definitely make them feel loved and happy.

Cat In Cat Tree Sphere

No More Trouble On The Floors

Like all animals, you will often find hair or other kinds of “accidents” around the house and on the floors. Designating a special place for them to play and nap will keep them off the floor, allowing you to save your sanity.

Investing in a special condo for them will also be a better option compared to allowing them to roam around the backyard. So, if you have your heart set on making your cat feel at home, consider buying them a condo today.

Factors To Consider When Buying Cat Trees

Cat trees are a great way to satisfy your feline’s curiosity and keep them fit and active. You are sure to find a variety of cat trees in the market. It is essential you invest in a condo or cat furniture according to your cat’s climbing preferences. Here are a couple of important factors you should consider:


Nothing should matter more than the safety of your feline friend. Additionally, the cat tree must also be safe for yourself and others who might approach it to pet your cat, especially if you have kids.

Teach your kids not to climb up the ladder and disturb the cat while it is safely sitting inside the condo. Invest in a cat tree that is sturdy enough to support your cat’s weight and won’t topple over.

Opt for a cat tree that is constructed using sturdy wooden materials that won’t break or crack even with excess use. Ensure all the parts have been secured using power tools and bolts, along with other durable equipment.


Another important safety factor to consider is the height of the post. Don’t forget to ask the seller whether the cat tree is safe for less deft or declawed cats. The edge and overall stature of the cat condo will play an effective role here so ensure the cat tree is safe for your cat to climb.

Cat Tree With Round Pads

Some models allow you to adjust the height of the tree. This is a suitable model if you have more than one pet cat that are of various shapes and sizes.


A well-adjusted sturdy cat tree will prevent your feline friend from slipping down and getting hurt. This will also reduce the risk of breaking surrounding furniture. Invest in a sturdy cat tree that will withstand the test of time and will not shake your pet off the ground.


Before you set your heart on a particular cat tree, don’t forget to ask about the weight restrictions. If your feline friend is only a couple of months old, consider how heavy they are prone to get over the next few months. Hence, it is a good idea to opt for a stronger model that can handle the weight of your cat and perhaps another house pet that might want to join in on the fun.

Also, opt for a model that is easy to assemble and disassemble. This is especially important for folks who intend on moving or travelling after a couple of months. Select excellent timber quality that won’t break and damage the cat tree. Ensure the design isn’t flimsy and can be adjusted according to your cat’s need.

Follow these important safety precautions when you are investing in a cat tree. Good luck!

Tips For Trying To Get Your Cat Accustomed To Using Cat Trees

Have you recently invested in a cat tree but are disappointed because it is sitting in the corner of your room? Rest assured, all pets may take a few days to get used to new furniture. It’s just how a kid may take some time to like a new storybook or toy. In this case, we suggest you give your feline friend a couple of days to settle down. In the meantime, you can also try some of these handy tips:

Choose The Location Carefully

Remember, you have bought the condo for your cat’s amusement, not because it looks great in the living room. Place the cat tree in a spot that is most frequently visited by your cat, be it the laundry room or your bedroom. If you have multiple cats, ensure the piece of furniture has been placed somewhere all the cats will have equal climbing opportunities.

If you still are not able to find a suitable location, look for a spot where your cat spends more time. You can try placing the tree near your cat’s bed or by a window they frequently look out from. The cat tree will enhance your pet’s outdoor viewing opportunities and might also encourage them to use their new playhouse.

Ensure The Tree Is The Center Of Attention

Position the cat tree in a room in a way that it is the center of attention. If your cat is fond of your praise, help him/her climb on the tree and offer lots of praise and attention. If your feline friend enjoys being praised, save the praises for the times he’s settled on the cat tree.

Huge Cat Tree With Cupboard

Minimize the amount of attention your cat receives so he is compelled to try out the cat tree. You can also highlight attention on the cat tree by placing your cat’s favorite toy on it. The scent might attract them to use the tree.

Let Them Know That Playtime Is Off The Ground

If you want your cat to start using the cat tree immediately, you will have to help them create a positive association with the piece of furniture right away. You may do this by using ropes and feature toys or any other kind of toy that might entice your cat enough to climb up the entire structure. Entice your cat to explore the cat tree.

This will also help them realize this particular space has been designed especially for them.

Help Your Cat Get Comfortable

What’s the first thing you do when you move into a new dorm room? You make yourself comfortable at home. Try to adopt the same strategy for your pet so the area seems familiar. Make the cat tree more inviting by adding some soft bedding where your cat would like to take a nap.

Also, ensure the cat tree is built securely so that your pet does not feel unsafe. Don’t forget to include your cat’s favorite toys and blankets so they are able to feel more comfortable. With the right amount of praise and determination, the cat tree is likely to become your pet’s favorite spot in the house.

Attract Their Interest

Cats are intelligent creatures and are not keen on wasting their time on trivial activities. This means you will have to work hard to capture their interest. Here’s where you can get creative. Considering using a trail of tasty treats that will encourage your pet to get a move on.

A can of your cat’s favorite tuna might also encourage them to climb all the way to the top of the cat tree. You can also pique their interest by using catnip, their favorite toys and other types of cat treats.

Conduct A Proper Introduction

Do not position the new tree somewhere and expect your pet to figure it out by themselves. While some felines may immediately get the hang of the tree in a couple of minutes, others might need some encouragement.

So, be prepared to properly introduce the cat tree to your pet. Use catnip, toys and other products to get your pet on board. Consider hiding your cat’s toys on various levels of the cat condo so your cat is encouraged to climb each step to reach the toy.

Curious Cat In White Cat Tree

Also, don’t forget to constantly praise your pet from time to time. Positive reinforcement and praise may encourage your pet to step forward and give the cat tree a try.


Hopefully this, detailed guide has helped you learn everything you need to know about cat trees. Good luck!

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