Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree Furniture Condos Review

Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree Furniture Condos Review

You may be one among the lucky cat owners in the world. And if you own one or possibly many cats, you will definitely want to become the best cat owner possible. Much like parents who want the best possible toys for their babies, you would want to purchase everything you can for your furry balls.

Cat furniture and toys have quite popular recently and the reason isn’t difficult to guess. Quality cat furniture not only will keep your feline happy, but it could make all the difference in the relationship between you and your furry ball.

Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree Furniture Condos for Cats and Kittens Middle Part

If you are prepared to take the next step and invest in quality cat furniture, let the adventure begin. However, like any other investment, it’s always a good idea to find out what exactly your cat will love. Cat trees are always a hit among felines and you certainly won’t end up regretting buying Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree Furniture Condo.

Remember cat trees not only provide cats with a great place to hang out, but they also offer much needed physical exercise and mental stimulation.


Let's look at some of the features of Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree Furniture Condo.

Multiple Climbing Platforms

The Furhaven condo for felines is one of the perfect gifts for your furry friends. This multi-level condo can improve the relationships between cats if you have more than one in your home. The presence of multiple levels reduces the number of physical confrontations and violent stand-offs.

Older cats are claim the higher levels while young kittens can settle with the lower racks and live peacefully. In addition to multiple climbing platforms, this cat condo also features a padded top perch.

Scratch Resistant

The last thing you would want to see as a cat owner is scratches all over your furniture and other priced possessions. This cat condo includes fun interactive toys to keep your kitty engaged and active. The hanging rope toy can be used for a fun game featuring grabbing, pulling and catching.

Natural sisal posts can also be used as the purr-fect scratching tools if your cat wants to flex his or her paws. The Cat-IQ Busy Box that comes with Furhaven Cat condo provides two jingle balls for interesting games. You can also remove the balls from the unit if your cats want to play with them outside.

Easy Set-up, Cleaning And Maintenance

You can assemble this cat condo easily within minutes with the help of included instructions. The product is designed in the USA while the parts are manufactured in China. 100% Polyester plush faux fur is used to cover the platforms and if you need to clean a soiled area, all you have to do is blot the area with mild detergent, rinse lightly and let the fabric air dry.

Petting Cat On Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree Furniture Condos for Cats and Kittens

Perhaps the good thing about Furhaven cat condo is that it can be used in any room you like. The products measures 28” x 16” x 55” and the vertical platforms can provide fun, comfort and most importantly safety for your cats.

Help For Timid Cats

The Furhaven cat tree furniture condo can provide a safe place for your timid cat to stay out in the open while feeling secure. Most cats feel secure when resting at elevated locations because they know they won’t be attacked from behind.

Strong, Sturdy Base

This deluxe cat tree playground has a sturdy base so you don’t have to worry about your cats getting injured. The unit can be put together within a few minutes and your cats can start playing with it the moment you receive this product.

What Others Say

Cat owners reveal that their feline friends love the double Decker playground this cat tree features. Most cat owners say that the Cat-IQ busy box is the biggest attraction. Made from compressed pine, this box has two jingle balls to keep your cat entertained all day long.

Customers who have more than one cat are impressed with this multiple level cat tree. They love to see their cats relaxing in private condos and even playing with the hanging and dangling toys.

While the base of the cat tree is sturdy and the sisal covered cat scratching posts make it a valuable investment, some owners say that the platforms are too small for their large cats. They believe that the bigger felines love to have fun too so it would be better if the cat tree has slightly larger shelves.

The height of the cat tree is great even for the smallest kittens. Some users say that their cats seem to really love the comfy condo. In fact, it has become the new favorite bed for their furry balls. The dangling toys can make adult cats go nuts and if you have an aggressive adult cat, you shouldn’t be surprised if the toys or platforms are knocked off.

Young kittens can easily get plenty of jumping on this amazing piece of cat furniture and play with the IQ busy box, hanging balls and other toys. The cat condo on the second level can be reached without trouble – yes, your feline can use the ladder to reach up to the higher platform.

Buying Advice

You need to spend less than $60 to get hands on this versatile piece of cat furniture. Should you decide to order the product from Amazon, you can make the most of the unbeatable prices and of course, free shipping.

Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree Furniture Condos On White Surface

Final Verdict

Furhaven Cat Tree Condo has multiple levels of enjoyment and whether your cats are busy playing with the dangling mouse toy or dangling balls, they are guaranteed to have fun. There are multiple platforms for your kitties and thanks to the large and sturdy cat tree base, fabric covered platforms and secure private kitty condos, you will know that your cat is happy and safe.

This tall cat tower is covered with sisal rope to make your cat’s scratching training more entertaining. The bottom line is that your cats will get plenty of exercise, stretching, and playing on this amazing durable and economical piece of cat furniture.

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