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Show Your Pet Some Love: 7 Cat Gifts You Need to Get Your Pet Today

If you live with a furry, four-legged, whiskered roommate, you want him or her to have the best of everything. Our cats are our constant companions in our lives and they offer so much joy to us each and every day.

It makes sense, then, that we go out of our way to find the best cat gifts for them to keep them happy, healthy and entertained. Toys are great for spending time with them and in those sad times when we are forced to leave them so we can work, play and socialize with other humans on occasion as well.

Whether it’s your cat’s birthday or another holiday or simply a random Wednesday in June, obsessed cat owners want to find the best gifts for cats. There are so many cat items out there that it’s sometimes overwhelming to determine what will be the best thing for our little buddies.

If you are a cat owner, whether you have one or several, your home is already littered with past presents and treats. There are so many things to choose from, but there are some things that are vital necessities for the happiest cats, and in turn, the happiest home.

Read on to discover some of the best cat gift ideas. A happy cat will pay you back tenfold in love and purrs. These items are a great place to start when attempting to please even the most finicky feline.

Cat Trees and Cat Condos

Cat trees, also known as cat condos, are a favorite cat present of cats everywhere. These structures are great stimulation for our furry friends and give them a personalized space to climb, jump, and play. They come in all shapes and sizes and are suitable for even small apartments as well as in living rooms of larger homes.

The best cat trees are rather tall, but yours doesn’t need to be to do the job. For a successful cat tree experience, look for one that includes platforms for exploring, spaces for sleeping as well as toys for playtime. Most also include a scratching pad or post for kitty manicures as well. 

Some cat owners shy away from purchasing a cat tree because they fear that it will not mesh well with their home decor. However, they are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Many look like the traditional cat tree with which you are likely familiar.

Others are designed to be modern and stylish and will actually be a welcome addition to your other furniture and the overall look of your home.

Scratching Pads & Posts

Whether you purchase a cat tree or not, a scratching pad or post is vital to your cats’ happiness. Cats instinctually sharpen their claws for their personal comfort and this cat gift will discourage them from using your furniture. Scratching pads and posts come in a vast variety of sizes and colors. Like cat trees, you can find one that goes well with your interior decoration style.


Not all cats love catnip, contrary to popular belief, but enough of them do that catnip and catnip toys are an excellent present for most cats. Most cats go wild for this all-natural substance. They will thank you for it by purring heartily and by rolling over to invite belly rubs after smelling it.

Don’t worry; cats cannot overdose on catnip, although they can get sick if they eat too much. Luckily, they quickly become temporarily immune to its olfactory effects. When it gets to be a little too much, so you can watch them enjoy it for a bit, and then reintroduce it into their play session again later on.

Feather Wands & Cat Fishing Poles

Cats love to chase and attack. Since your little house tiger has no need to catch birds for food, he or she may benefit from the stimulation provided by a feather wand or cat fishing pole.

Some of these items can be hung from furniture or doorknobs or frames. Your cat will be happiest when you take the time to wave these items around in a less predictable way, though.

Feather wands and cat fishing-poles come in a large variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Since they are quite affordable, it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a few different ones. Allow your cat to succeed in catching the enemy every now and then so he or she can feel successful and keep from getting bored and losing interest.

Laser Pointers

Cats love chasing the red dot from a laser pointer around the room, and some will even leap to great heights in an attempt to catch the uncatchable. These cat gifts are a win for almost every cat, and because they take little energy to navigate, they are a hit with owners too.

Just be careful not to shine the laser in your cats’ eyes, though; it can be dangerous and can impair their vision.  Check your laser pointer to make sure it is in the range of one to five milliwatts for the safest play experience.

Litter Boxes

We certainly want our own bathrooms clean and spotless, and of course, our cats, who are constantly cleaning themselves, want the same. If you have had the same old litter box for several years, it’s time for a new one.

There have been so many advancements in litter boxes in recent years. Although the standard, traditional version – covered or uncovered – works just fine, you may want to look into fancier options when buying your cat a special gift.

Some are self-cleaning, others provide extra space and still, others are far more stylish and modern than you would ever expect a cat toilet to be. Take some time to look at what’s out there before deciding on the best possible choice for the cat in your life.

Battery-Powered Tech Toys

As marketers have come to realize how much our cats mean to us, new, high-tech toys have been developed, much to the joy of our feline companions. There are numerous battery-powered mice and other chasers that can keep our cats focused and entertained for hours.

You will likely need to buy batteries frequently to keep these items up and running. However, your cat will love them and will thank you for them immensely. You’ll be thankful that you’ve finally found something to keep their mind off food.

The Best Cat Gifts for the Best Cats

Of course, you want to make your cat happy. After all, they make us so happy, too. This list gives you lots of things to consider when looking for a great present for your best buddy. A happy, healthy, entertained cat will pay you back tenfold on your cat investments. Get out there and get shopping for cat gifts to make your home a paradise for the fluffy muffin in your life.

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